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Product: Pressure Relief Valve

Company: Calsens Private Limited

Price: On Request

Spring Loaded / Dead Weight Cast Iron / Cast Steel / MS Fabricated. Size Range (dia.) : 50mm to 300mm. These are valves for automatically preventing a safe pressure being exceeded in fired or unfired pressure vessels or pipe line systems. The Pressure Relief valves is the simplest and most commonly used class because it is suitable for most applications. The load is usually applied to such valves by means of helical coil compression springs, although other means of loading are sometimes used, such as weights. When valves are required for use on “difficult” fluids which may be odorous, toxic, corrosive or flammable, a totally enclosed valve which does not permit any discharge to atmosphere, other than through the normal outlet, must be used. It is sometimes permissible, however, for valves to vent to atmosphere, other than through the normal outlet when used with steam or inert gases. If a valve or group of valve relieve into common discharge system which can result in a variation in black pressure on the valve outlet, consideration should be given to the fitting of a balancing device such as bellows in order to eliminate the effects of the back pressure on the set pressure of the valve.

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