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Precision Gear Transmissions Verified

  • W-44, Additional M.I.D.C.
    Satara, Maharashtra -415004, India

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  • We, Precision Gear Transmissions are manufacturers of Gear boxes, especially Planetary Gear Box, and Custom built Gearboxes and Gears. Our Planetary Gear Boxes are made with Precision, which result in good quality, energy efficient product. Our Planetary Gearboxes are available it two mounting types, Foot Mounted and Flange Mounted Planetary Gearboxes. Input side is available in two types, Hollow Input, to suit suitable motor or Free Input to fit Pulley or Sprocket. Output Shaft is available in two types, Solid and Splined Output Shaft. Also we offer special Shaft Sizes as per customer requirement. Our expertise in the Gear Design helped us to create Gears with proper gear teeth profile and strong gear teeth. This helps to make Gear Box with less noise, vibration and heat. This increase efficiency of the gear unit. Gears are made from Alloy Steels like SAE 8620/20MnCr5 and are Case Carburised and Hardened to suitable hardness. All shafts are made from EN8/EN9/EN19 series steel and are toughened/hardened and ground. Casings are made from Cast Iron, grade CIGR 25/30.

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