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Product: Waste Water Treatment Enzyme Chemical

Company: Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited

Price: On Request

We are offering of Waste Water Treatment Enzyme Chemical. In addition to Microbial cultures, Sudarshan now offers Enzymes manufactured by Great Lakes Biosystems Inc. How Enzymes perform:- 1. Most of the Biological Treatment Plants treating complex effluent face problem in biodegrading the Refractory organics present. 2. This is due to the complexity of organics & limited biological activity. 3. Enzymes help in improving performance of Biological System by accelerating bioactivity resulting into improved biodegradation. The Application of Enzyme will improve the performance of the system in terms of:- 1. Reduce the refractory COD levels 2. Helps in degradation of complex chemicals 3. Enhance the bio degradation rate & hence faster removal of COD & BOD 4. Increase the methanogenic rate & hence the gas generation in biodigester.

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