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Product: Sugar Rolling Mill Oil

Company: Powermaxx Lube India

Price: On Request

POWERMAXX SUGAR ROLLING MILL OIL is containing high viscosity lubricating oil base stocks and contain selected non-toxic mild EP and special compounding agents for efficient and Bituminous Lubrication with excellent load carrying ability. Sugar mill oil prevents Wear and Corrosion of Bearings and also has Excellent Resistance to Leakage. The lubricants used in these bearings are very high viscosity oils that can lubricate adequately under conditions of low speed, high operating pressures and shock loading. The lubricant must be designed with the correct properties to provide protection against shock loading, and agents to help protect against the corrosive action of the sugar juice.  POWERMAXX SUGAR ROLLING MILL OIL 40 are recommended for use in light to medium loaded bearings during cold seasons.  POWERMAXX SUGAR ROLLING MILL OIL 80 is a medium viscosity mill bearing oil recommended for heavier loads. It is also suitable for cold season application.  POWERMAXX SUGAR ROLLING MILL OIL 120 is a high viscosity mill bearing oil recommended for lubrication of heavily loaded bearings with larger clearances.

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