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Product: Sanitization

Company: Membrane Group India Private Limited

Price: On Request

Owing to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic that has affected millions at a global level, everybody around is more afraid to breath or touch anything. Any place where a person can meet another person poses a risk. Fabrics, metal surfaces, and every other normal looking object around us that we come in contact with could be hazardous. This can be a serious threat to all industries, hospitals, airports, malls, hotels etc. where day in day out there are thousands of people who come in contact with various surroundings. Membrane Group has introduced a new line of Specialized Portable Ozone Sanitization solution which can help people and organizations to drastically reduce the chances of transmitting infections and viruses. Ozone has been used for many years as a disinfectant in the Food and Beverage industry, in fact most of the Packaged Drinking water bottles contain ozone dissolved in water to disinfect it. Ozone is most powerful commercially available disinfectant and in aqueous form has no harmful effect on surfaces as well as humans. In addition to this, the system can also be used for sanitization purposes of critical equipment in the Food, Beverage and Pharma Sector

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