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Product: Reverse Osmosis

Company: Membrane Group India Private Limited

Price: On Request

Increasing regulatory requirements and disposal costs around the world are prompting industries to reduce their water footprint, and highlight a growing need for innovation in reverse osmosis technology. Currently, it is challenging for conventional RO Systems to achieve recovery rates greater than 75% without significant downtime due to frequent cleaning requirements. This limitation consequently warrants equipment for standby capacity, driving up installation costs. Membrane Group’s Advanced Reverse Osmosis Systems effectively addresses these constraints by achieving recovery rates up to 95% without needing extended downtime for maintenance. System uses modular configuration and optimized element configuration to provide a complete solution for any RO application. This technology is disruptive in applications where an existing RO system needs to be improved, or where a new-build RO system with >90% recovery at low installation cost and fast return on investment is desired.

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