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Product: Hybrid Anaerobic Reactor

Company: Membrane Group India Private Limited

Price: On Request

Anaerobic treatment is a proven and energy-efficient method for treating industrial wastewater. It uses anaerobic bacteria (biomass) to convert organic pollutants or COD (chemical oxygen demand) into biogas in an oxygen-free environment. Anaerobic micro-organisms (specific to oxygen-free conditions) are selected for their ability to degrade organic matter present in industrial effluents, converting organic pollutants into biogas (methane + carbon dioxide) and a small amount of bio solids. The energy-rich biogas can then be used for boiler feed and/or combined heat and power (CHP) to produce ‘green’ electricity and heat. Typically, Anaerobic Treatment is employed on wastewater treatment with a wide range of carbohydrate concentrations, i.e. from 1,000 to 20,000 mg COD/l. Membrane Group’s Hybrid Anaerobic Reactor offers high COD and BOD wastewater removals in a highly loaded anaerobic system, based on a granular sludge process, with minimized footprint. The system includes a simple and efficient internal piping design with internal circulation system and improved granular sludge retention offering a more compact, robust treatment system. The use of Specialized Granular Sludge enables the reactor to delivery high COD removal efficiency – in many cases above 90% and the sludge has very good settling characteristics hence preventing carryover. A pretreatment system will protect and greatly improve the robustness of high rate anaerobic treatment technology. In addition to this Membrane Group also offers UASB Reactors for Anaerobic Digestion

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