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Product: Boiler Feed Water Panels

Company: N. S. Terbo Private Limited

Price: On Request

The boiler feed water pump is a specific type of pump used to pump feedwater into a steam boiler. The water may be freshly supplied or returning condensate produced as a result of the condensation of the steam produced by the boiler. These pumps are normally high pressure units that take suction from a condensate return system and can be of the centrifugal pump type or positive displacement type. Feed water pumps range in size up to many horsepower and the electric motor is usually separated from the pump body by some form of mechanical coupling. Large industrial condensate pumps may also serve as the feed water pump. In either case, to force the water into the boiler, the pump must generate sufficient pressure to overcome the steam pressure developed by the boiler. This is usually accomplished through the use of a centrifugal pump. Another common form of feed water pumps run constantly and are provided with a minimum flow device to stop over pressuring the pump on low flows. The minimum flow usually returns to the tank or deaerator.

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